With the growing economic crisis in Iran and the Covid-19 pandemic, many students are forced to drop out of school.

On April 2, Behrouz Mohebbi, a member of the regime’s parliament, referred to 30 to 40 percent of school dropouts in Iran. According to Mohebbi, one of the reasons for dropout among students is “missing proper infrastructure for students to use software and internet to continue their education online.” Thus, students in many provinces should drop out of school.

“One of our society’s issues is the situation of those students who had to quit studying because they did not have…

Many parts of the recent Iran-China 25-year contract remain unrevealed for the people and even some of the regime’s officials. China forced the regime to obey its orders and not to speak about parts of this ‘country-selling’ contract. This indicates that china stands to benefit hugely from this contract, and the Iranian regime, or better said, the people and the country, are the main losers in this contract.

One part of this contract that has been revealed by the state-run media is China’s investment and exploitation of Iran’s gold mines.

It is highly unlikely that the Chinese are doing…

Long queue to buy chicken in Tehran — March 31, 2021

Originally published at the NCRI website

When it comes to Iran’s economic crisis, many of the regime’s apologists, or those unaware of the mullahs’ institutionalized corruption, blame international sanctions. However, the facts and figures, acknowledged by regime officials and state-run media amid factional feuds, show how the regime has devastated Iran’s economy.

“The price of poultry, which has become one of the vital needs of Iranian people’s food basket, has increased. The price of poultry flies in the sky of expensiveness, despite promises by government officials. Today, [poultry] price increased by 4500 tomans. This increase of 4,500 Tomans increased the…

Originally published at the NCRI website

Iranian regime’s first Supreme Leader, Ruhollah Khomeini, once remarked that if he were faced with a situation that required either giving up on the country’s ruling system or abandoning Islamic principles, he would choose the latter. It was a remarkable acknowledgment of this regime’s priorities, and with this new agreement with China, once again, that priority is demonstrated.

If Khamenei is willing to give up the regime’s core identity as an “Islamic Republic,” then what wouldn’t he be willing to give up in order to tighten his grip on power? …

On March 21, 2021, American intelligence sources revealed an Iranian plot against Fort McNair base in Washington. According to the Associated Press, the Revolutionary Guards apparently considered deploying operatives on U.S. soil in an effort to kill the U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff. This plot was not the first Iranian attempt to carry out a terrorist act on US soil. In October 2011, the regime plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC. Senior regime officials, including the commander of the terrorist Quds Force, Ismail Qaani, have threatened to carry out terrorist attacks on US soil. “So long…

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held a press conference to provide information on two IRGC ballistic missile sites in Western Iran that have been used for attacks against neighboring countries.

Ali Safavi from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI provided the information. The information was provided by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Details of two Revolutionary Guards ballistic missile sites in western Iran

The two of the most important sites of IRGC ballistic missiles in western Iran are:

* Missile site in Konesht Canyon located…

Marzieh, Lady of Iranian Song — مرضیه بانوی آواز ایران

Happy #Nowruz to all Iranians

Happy #PersianNewYear 1400 to all Iranians

Making Free Iran a reality! Iran will be free. The cold and dark winter of the evil rule of religious tyranny will end. The spring of Iran’s lasting freedom will come.


Washington DC, March 17, 2021 — Senior members of U.S. Senate committees on Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Appropriations, and the Select Committee on Intelligence, joined prominent political figures at a briefing organized by the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC) to discuss the fundamentals of an effective U.S. policy on Iran. The event, marking the Iranians’ ancient new year, Nowruz, also addressed many aspects of Tehran’s malign behavior at home and abroad, including abysmal human rights record, terrorism in the region and Europe, and systemic reliance on hostage diplomacy.

President-elect of the National…

The ceremonies marking Nowruz and the advent of the New Iranian Year, 1400, were held with the presence of Maryam Rajavi, and all supporters of the Iranians Resistance across the world.

This ceremony was broadcast live by Simay-e Azadi into Iran, with thousands of locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Iran.

Members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Ashraf-3, Albania, joined the event online.

The ceremony conveyed the passionate message of uprising and the overthrow of the religious dictatorship in the year 1400 and establishing a democratic, independent republic based on the separation of religion and state in the free Iran of tomorrow.

Originally published at https://towardfreeiranwithmaryamrajavi.blogspot.com.

Iran Protests- 12 January 2020 in Tehran and Other Iranian Cities

Saturday, March 20, 2021, marks the Iranian New Year, Nowruz. Seeing as the coronavirus outbreak reached truly global proportions last March, it is safe to say that the year 1399 on the Persian calendar was even more completely defined by the pandemic than the year 2020 on the Western calendar.

For citizens of Iran, this isn’t just about the suffering the pandemic caused but also the trends that it interrupted. …

Masoud Dalvand

I’m a human rights activist who is trying to establish democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran. https://about.me/m.dalvand

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