At Least 2,000 Coronavirus Deaths in Iran as of March 7, 2020

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COVID-19 has spread to all of Iran’s provinces and cities

The religious fascism ruling Iran, despite all cover-ups and lies today, reluctantly confessed Tehran has the highest number of Coronavirus infections and has become the epicenter of this disease.

Tehran is on the verge of a societal explosion because of the casualties. The Ministry of Health announced today that “For all practical purposes, Tehran is gradually moving toward becoming the focal point of the disease’s infections and spread.”

The mullahs’ regime with weeks-long cover-up in Qom, and failing to quarantine the city, which has a wide range of interactions with Tehran, not only bears responsibility for the lives of hundreds of deceased in Qom, but has turned Tehran, Iran’s most populous urban center, and its 9.7 million people into a killing ground for the Coronavirus. This is yet another immense crime against humanity that the regime’s leaders and heads of the IRGC must face justice for. The number of victims in Tehran province, 14 million in population, has passed 400 lives.

Mohammad Reza Najafi, a regime MP, called on Rouhani to quarantine Tehran and wrote “not quarantining Qom has unfortunately left devastating results… This important matter (quarantine) seems inevitable in Tehran as well due to the expansion of the disease and the upcoming holidays. It is not hard to imagine that negligence will lead to irreparable consequences.”

The People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has announced the number of deceased due to the Coronavirus until tonight (Friday, March 6) to exceed 1,800, based on reports, messages, and calls from compatriots in different cities and regions of the country. A considerable number of compatriots in the cities of Tehran, Qom, Rasht, Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Agh-Qala, Ali Abad Katol, Gorgan, Khoy, Salmas, Ahvaz, Shahriar, Pakdasht, Shahreza, Isfahan, Mashhad, Quchan, Kashan, Masal, Shanderman, Rudsar, Ramsar, Lahijan, Hamedan, Khoramabad, Hashtgerd, Karaj, Shahroud, Parsian and Lordegan, have died.

The medical staff of Imam Hossein Hospital in Tehran say that 15 to 20 people die daily in this hospital due to the Coronavirus. In Rasht, the situation is very catastrophic, and the deceased are buried overnight in collective graves. In Babol, the morgues are full of bodies. Travel to Gilan and Mazandaran provinces has been prohibited.

The IRGC has hoarded medical safety masks and is selling them on the black market at ten times the price or smuggling them to other countries at a high price.

Regime officials are panicking due to the people’s seething anger at their cover-ups and inaction in the face of the virus crisis and are rambling about a biological attack by the United States of America. IRGC head, Salami, said on March 1, “Perhaps Corona is the result of a biological attack by the USA.” Today also, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, member of regime parliament’s security committee said that the spread of the Coronavirus was a “bioterrorist” attack on China and Iran.

The death of dozens of regime officials, who have had much better access to health and medical facilities than the ordinary population is indicative of the massive numbers of the victims of this virus. Some regime officials reported to have died include, Hossein Sheikholeslam, former deputy foreign minister and a head of the regime’s export of terrorism and fundamentalism; Seyed Mir-Mohammadi, member of the Expediency Council, Mohammad Ali Ramezani, member of regime parliament, Mullah Syed Hadi Khosroshahi, Khomeini’s ambassador to the Vatican, IRGC Brigadier General Haj Ramezan Pour-Qasem, head of the intelligence unit of the IRGC army, Mohammad Haj Ghasemi, responsible for Basij in Tehran IRGC, Ali Khalafi, advisor to head of the Judiciary, and Fatemeh Rahbar, member of the Central Council of Islamic Coalition Party (Motalefeh) and member of the regime parliament in three sessions. The regime’s Central Bank head also announced the death of “six employees of the country’s banking system” as a result of the Coronavirus.

Originally published at on March 8, 2020.

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I’m a human rights activist who is trying to establish democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

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