Children Killed by Security Forces During Iran Protests

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Pictures of Some Murdered Children in Iran Protests — November 2019
  1. Sasan Eidivandi, 17
  2. Mohammad Javad Abedi, 17
  3. Armin Ghaderi, 15
  4. Hesam Barani Rad, 17
  5. Arvin Ranin, 17
  6. Aryan Rajabi, 17
  7. Arya, 17
  8. Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, 17
  9. Seyed Ahmad Mousavi Ja’valeh, 17
  10. Mohsen Albu Ali, 17
  11. Reza Neisi, 16
  12. Mohammad Barihi, 17
  13. Mojahed Jamei, 17
  14. Ahmad Albu Ali, 17
  15. Ahma Khajeh Albu Ali, 17
  16. Mohsen Mohammadpour, 17
  17. Ali Ghazlavi, 12
  18. Khaled Ghazlavi, 16
  19. Mohsen Mohammadpour, 17
  20. Mohammad Hossein Dastankhah, 15
  21. Alireza Ostovan, 17
  22. Javad Babai, 15
  23. Nikta Esfandani, 14
  24. Mehdi Valipour, 16
  25. Arash Kohzadi, 16
  26. Alireza Nouri, 17
  27. Amir Reza Abdollahi, 13
  28. Ali Mousavi, 12

History of teen murder

The killing and execution of teenagers and Iranian youth, men, and women of all ages and genders is not a strange phenomenon. From the day after the 1979 revolution, Iran’s ruling mullahs began to confiscate the democratic revolution of the Iranian people. In the meantime, they massacred anyone in their path. Iran’s historical memory does not forget the teenagers and children who executed in the 1980s for having a newspaper or magazine. The youth and teenagers who murdered and placed in anonymous graves for the most basic right, namely freedom.

The mullahs’ legacy for Iranian teenagers

For the past four decades, the mullahs’ dictatorial regime has brought addiction, child labor, forced dropouts, and even child trafficking to Iranian adolescents. Adolescents who were full of life experienced oppression and discrimination before playing with children at the beginning of their lives. Now, once again, as in the 1980s, their blood stained the streets, and Tulips budded from their blood.

Written by

I’m a human rights activist who is trying to establish democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

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