Iran: Reporting The Status Of Children In Tehran’s Waste Separation Centers.

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Iranian children who are exploited every day from morning to night at garbage collection centers by the Iranian regime’s affiliates and repressive agents of the municipality, are deprived of the most basic rights.

They ransom half of their insignificant income to government agents.

These Iranian children who are exploited every day from morning to night at garbage collection centers by the Iranian regime’s affiliates and repressive agents of the municipality, are deprived of the most basic rights.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 — Capital city of Iran, Tehran
The average age of “waste finders’ children” is 12 years, and on average these children work up to 10 and a half hours a day. These children suffer from severe skin disease, AIDS, hepatitis, bloody diarrhea, tuberculosis, tetanus, skin lesions, intestinal parasites, polio and spinal flexor because some of them have more than 70 to 80 kilos of garbage per day. They cannot use a cart. Because the municipality agents take their carts.
For these children, illegal cards are designed that the municipality says is not on our side, but the agents charge between 200 and 400 thousand Tomans to allow these children to separate the garbage, and if they don’t ransom, these children will not be allowed to work.
We have not forgotten 2 children who were alive in one of the garbage collection garages. They had named Ahad and Samad. They collected waste with their father. On the winter day, the explosion of gas capsules at the waste site took the lives of the two children.
After the bitter narration of these two brothers, 7 and 8, a research was conducted on children who find waste. Children who are the main forces of separation of garbage. Beside each waste tank, one of them is bent up, these children work on average 10 and a half hours a day. Some of them work for up to 20 hours. Their waist is bent under the burden of rubbish, and their small body is full of disease.
Susan Maziarfar, a member of the so-called Imam Ali society, on the research results from a questionnaire from 600 to 700 “waste finders’ children”, said: “The use of these children in the waste disposal centers is a clear crime. So entering these centers was hard and difficult, but in Tehran and several other cities we filled about 600 to 700 questionnaires. The average age of these children is 12 years old, among them a 4-year-old child. ”

She says about how children are entering the cycle of garbage disposal, an example of areas that have more wastes, and says: “In 2 areas with higher wastes , such as districts of 2 and 6, the municipality is bidding for separation. And the contractor wins. This contractor either hires directly children or gives away the owners of garages that are used for the separation of wastes. The owners of these garages pay 800 thousand Tomans per month for each child, without gloves and mask. 50 to 60 percent of the kids in the garbage collect at the same place where they eat and sleep, the cases they have been picked up by insects like mice. ”

“40% of these kids are illiterate,” she continues. 37 percent left education, 21 percent had one to two classes, and only those who were studying were either Iranians or Afghans who lived with their families, and most children had education dreams. 52 percent were in the garbage dumps, 48 percent in their homes, where their houses are also a mountain of rubbish. 59% of these children are involved in garbage collection, 40% are the only family members who collect garbage, some of them work for up to 20 hours, but the average work of these children is 10.5 hours, 62% without Gloves do the job of separating garbage and because gloves are torn too early, they prefer to spend their gloves on the hunger of their siblings. ”
The story gets bitter here, when they realize that they are older than the age of 12, they collect up to 80 kilograms of garbage daily. Maziar Farf: Even for a small income, a 9-year-old child collects 60 to 70 kilos of gun daily Trustworthy to earn a little more.

With such a situation in Iranian society, in the country with the highest gas and oil reserves in the world, this question arises for everyone, what is the reason for such catastrophes in Iran? Why, after 40 years, there is such a terrible violation of children’s rights in a country where its rulers claim to support and support the poor? The answer is clear to everyone. From here, the roots of nationwide protests can be found in various Iranian cities.

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I’m a human rights activist who is trying to establish democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

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