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Iranian laborers’ mass graves

Some of the most insecure mines in the world.
“Extracting ore from mines is like a battlefield. It’s like bullets. If you dodge, you survive. If not, you die,” says a mine worker.
Iran has over 5,000 active mines, mostly controlled by the Revolutionary Guards and regime’s gangs.
These mines are among the most insecure in the world, compared to global norms.
Nearly 80% of our mines don’t have the necessary equipment and use the technology dating 50 years ago
According to the latest official stats, 367 accidents in Iran’s mines in 2017 killed 78 laborers.
Of 5,353 active mines in Iran, only 761 enjoy Health, Safety and Environment units (HSE units).
86% of Iran’s mines have no HSE units.
Mines have good income growth, but we still see worn-out types of machinery and equipment, inferior materials, lack of safety gear and no improvement in tunnel maintenance.
One reason behind recent mine incidents is ignoring engineering plans. Many mines lack emergency exits, ventilation, etc.
In many cases, officials change the geometry of tunnels, use inferior material and maintenance systems to reduce extraction costs.
“When an accident occurs, officials say it is the private sector and has nothing to do with us…
We ask who sold this mine to the private sector? How can you risk our lives?
As workers, we cannot speak out as they fire us by our first criticism
We’re getting paid for our blood!
We go down and have no hope to return. God is with us, but we have no hope to return. This mine is for the private sector. The private sector just cares about money, not my life!,” said workers.
Iranian regime elements and the IRGC own 98% of Iran’s mines, filling their pockets and funding terrorism with these mines’ incomes.

Originally published at on December 13, 2019.

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I’m a human rights activist who is trying to establish democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

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